Complete NERO 5.5 review

I just posted the article Complete NERO 5.5 review….

CD-RW Central has a complete review of the new NERO version 5.5. Not much more to say then to check it out at this URL:

I love…

Read the full article here:  [](

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where can it be downloaded? will it be free for current nero users? if not how can we ‘extend’ our trial period?:):slight_smile:

And again nero rulezz :slight_smile:

Guess who made the virtual CDROM Nero 5.5 comes with :4 :4 :4

Nero rulezz, but we already knew that. :8 Where can I down it? :4

is that true SwENSkE ??? i love your D-Tools !!! :4 :4 :4 :4

@ Swenske Will there be any difficulties / problems running Nero 5.5 with their virtual CD Rom along with the Daemon Tools? ( I am assuming ahead will have the copy-protection-emulation removed from their v-cd)