Complete dvd rip with embedded menus and subs -- possible?

i have been using dvddecrypter to copy a bunch of discs to my hdd. the drive is getting full and i need to compress the dvd files. is there any way to do this without losing the menus, chapters, options, subtitles, extra audio tracks? i am shooting for an average filesize of 1gb per film. does this necessitate encoding the dvd files with divx/xvid/h.264? how can i encode the dvd files in a way that preserves the menu structure? or is this still not possible…

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You can use DVDShrink (free but not more developed by years, even if still perfectly working) or CloneDVD2 (not free but regularly updated).

You won’t be able to compress all the way to 1gb and have good quality output, not using mpeg2. And, as far as I am aware, you can’t back up the entire disk including menus, subtitles, extras, etc using one of the other codecs that can compress more efficiently.

Going to look at the mobile options in DVDRebuilder Pro…that might work, though I haven’t looked at them closely.

Well that experiment was an utter failure.

thanks, guys.

so if mpeg2 can’t compress that high, is the closest to original format going to be h.264 mkv with embedded subtitles?

i used dvdfab, but it extracted the subtitle track. how can i keep it embedded?

Have you tried Megui or Ripbot264?


whatever happened to ratdvd. It allowed backing up the entire dvd to a much smaller size. Never really see or hear about it anymore. Never actually tried it.

i am currently ripping with ripbot. i will compare it to dvdfab when it’s done. i also found fairuse wizard, which looks possibly superior to both. is there a good comparison of the encoding quality between handbrake/fairuse/ripbot/megui? they seem like the four best options. megui i have yet to try…

ripbot finished. video looks awesome. equal to and possibly slightly better than dvdfab quality.