Complete Burns, Failed Verifications after Media Switch/Upgrade to Verbatim

Greetings. I’ve been burning dvd’s with a Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1633S BS0S for some time now with very few coasters despite my using whatever media is on sale.

I’m dual booting Win 2000 (sp4) w/Nero Express OEM (bundled with the burner) & Win XP (sp2) w/Nero 7 Ultra. Both fairly fresh OS installs. System ASPI is not installed. Nero ASPI is installed. During this time I’ve updated Nero v6 OEM, flashed the burner’s firmware from BS0S to BS0Y. The indicator light on my burner has only flashed green. During the process to update the firmware it did flash yellow but when burning it still flashes only green – not like the tri-colors I had with my old reliable Lite-On cd-rw 48X burner.

Recently I ordered Verbatim DVD+R 16X (MCC004) (100pk spindle). Every burn with this media, five or six pieces so far, has failed. I’ve burned at 16X and 14X with no success. If I try burning the same project twice the verification process will ‘hang’ at the same point. There is nothing wrong with the data I’m burning. I’m burning data dvd’s (mp3s). If I swap out the file that the verification process hung up on and burn again it merely hangs up on another file. The burner is on the secondary master pulling files directly off the hdd. All have been burned with Nero and have completed the burn but failed upon verification usually with the verification process hanging at about 35 or 45 percent before throwing up a lot of read errors. Once, immediately after one of these failures, when asked if I wanted to burn the same project again, I fed it a Legacy DVD-R 8X (GSC003) (50pk spindle) that had been working for me. The result was another complete burn but failed verification. I have since continued burning the Legacy discs with success. But cannot achieve a good burn with Verbatim. I’ve also noticed strange discoloration in concentric circles on the underside of my failed burns. Nero Cd/dvd Speed quality tests start off fine then climb wildly and hang just as the verify process in Nero does. This same utility also identifies my drive as being a Sony DW-D22A BS0Y. One Verbatim dvd I inserted to scan produced some drive noise I assumed was the reader head trying to find data on the disc. It sounded pretty bad. I ejected and reinserted the dvd and it managed to start reading. I’m attaching a typical scan of a failed burn and an image of the disc underside of one of these failed burns.

I thought I was doing something nice for my drive could I have gotten a hold of a bad batch of discs?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Whilst it may not affect things the scanning speed for a 1633 is 4x , not 8x as you’ve used. It merely means that the scans will be more reliable.

Thanks Tim! I’ll do that.