Complete Album Mp3 file Question




I’ve got a Pink Floyd Complete Album Mp3 file about 40 minutes long…
Most of the songs roll into the next song without pause, Moody Blues also records alot of their songs this way. If I burn it I won’t be able to easily go to a particular track. Obviously, If I cut it up with Mp3 Direct Cut it will sound “cut up”. I ran this question several months ago and someone sugested i needed a cue file. But I couldnt find out if that was a good solution or how to make a cue file.

anyone have a solution??



I believe there are several ways to do this.
I remember there being a tutorial somewhere (audio forum I would imagine) where it is explained how you can create a audio mix CD with gapless tracks…


Thanks!! I’ll try searchin (again) using “gapless”


It’s indeed in the audio forum. Check this link:

Howto create audiocd from a mix using Nero


I use Goldenhawks cdrwin for this. First I open the file in Cool Edit 2000, and I use this not only to convert the file to a 44.1K 16 Bit Stereo wav file, I also use the VERY handy zoom feature to find EXACLY where a track begins. The real-time counter on the bottom is EXCELENT for this. The only small traouble being, it measures in 100ths of a second, where CDRWIN wants the input as 60ths of a second, so I have a cheat-sheet I made up to make the conversions of the fractions of a second much easier to do.

I have alot of out-of-print LP’s that I wanted to convert to CD format so I wouldn’t have to bring extremely rare and valueable recordings to gigs I was DJing. Needless to say, the practice of having to make multiple files, one for each track was an excercize in tedium ad finium. (Hair pulling) Using the above mentioned method, I simply record each side of the LP at a single file, find my cue points and write the cue file, and burn it. (Yes, you can use multiple files, each with it’s own set of cue-points.) recording the CD in disk-at-once mode eliminates the gap between tracks. I’ve not used Nero for burning this type of file, and will be checking out the link Upp3rdOG posted.

If you need any additional help with using my method, please feel free to e-mail me via my profile.

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Thanks!! I gave Nero a shot but finding its tedious and I’ve got over a hundred complete albs to either set cues for and /or cut up tracks… the prob is that neros audio edit window doesnt seem to give real time duration while playing so listening and finding changes for cues seems difficult … It accepts beginning and ending duration input but I’m gonna play with it … maby it jus needs to be configured a little… Does the job though!!!


Thanks Joe!!! I’m gonna work with your idea for a day or so and probably have some questions after.


Ok… another 5 proggies later and no solution… Still lookin for a demo of Goldenhawks cdrwin Cool Edit 2000 to try. People at Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer and said eitger of their proggies will do it but theres dont offer a real time display of time while listenin or editing, and I’ve got durations of 200 seemless complete albs to edit with the durations from AMG and it would jus be a pain to do it without a constant time display with navagation keys. anyways… JD… if your still subscribing here email me I need to bend a knoledgable ear. Thanks!!


The tutorial for Nero worked for me…tried it last week…


Found Goldenhawks cdrwin and Cool Edit 2000 2.0…Real time display of time while playing or editing yipee!!!.. look forward to runnin it through my project… Nero got buggy in “limits, splits…” option… on the third duration, after I entered the end time it would refresh it to beginning time so Id have 2 beginning times for the duration. Retried with different files about ten times. But really I need the running “time display” to listen and pick out changes from one song to the next when seemless. And verifying accuracy before inputing durations from AMG.