Complement to SH-S182D, GSA-H10N, DVR110D, DVR111D, ND-2500A

Hello all. I have a number of PCs to fit with DVD writers. Instead of buying N of the same model, I would like to have different models to cover all bases.

What I already have is

[li]LG GSA-H10N
[/li][li]NEC ND-2500A
[/li][li]Pioneer DRV-110D
[/li][li]Pioneer DVR-111D
[/li][li]Samsung SH-S182D

Which IDE DVD writers would best complement those? The most important feature for me is ability to read protected, damaged or marginal CDs and DVDs. The second most important criterion is write quality. Read/write speed unimportant.

Thanks in advance.

A new Liteon or rebadge.