Compiling Successful Music CD's



Hi! Im new about the place!
Ive looked at many postings and the search but...........
Im using Nero and Clone for burning. Win98SE (plenty HD space)

I know Neros not happy burning some Audio stuff (protected ?)
and Clone probably is with the correct settings, but which one should I try to use to burn up these compilations I want to do to play in my car? Will Clone do it ok? Im then burning from my folder on the drive, or direct, swapping CD's as I go along (this is on the fly isnt it?) Not asking for long-winded answers, just point me in the right direction!!
Thanks all !
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CloneCd will do exactly what it states it will do :

it will copy a(n image of a) complete cd-rom. Thus it’s not for making your own cd’s with personal compilations.

The big power of CloneCD is that it tries actually to make a perfect replica of your source cd , regarding the content , weird tracks and other non-standards (such as copy protections).

Nero is a more multitool on the writing of cd-roms. It can handle quite some more features than CloneCd can and is therefore much better in making your own compilation cd-roms.

Fun of nero is that you can also make audio cd’s from a selection of mp3 files (no need to turn them into wav first , nero will do that for you). So if you can rip them into mp3 with anoter nice tool (Zlurp , Exact Audio Copy , Musicmatch Jukebox… hell has zillions of them) then Nero can write them.


Thanks for your help so far! What I thought was right, is right-so far! Ive Audigy card installed, and the software Creative player can rip, (puts them in a temp file until needed for burning) and Ive tried some tests. Itll also write, and digitally extract too. I presume that I try this, or try EAC (which seems popular here) if I get problems.
The problem comes with protected media, I take it, when Im not going to get ripping software to work, I presume we just copy the whole of the audio part, not the data protection bit?
I have read the post (How to…) in the audio section.
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