Compiling problems DVDlab Pro



I’m trying to make a DVD from 2 DV movies of aprox 45 min. each, wich I made with my camera. I rendered them with Studio 9.3 into MPG files (DVD ready) in demuxed them with DVDLab Pro 1.53 Here I got the following warning: Open GOPs were detected in the file. After demuxing both files, the compiling proces was aborted by an error saying: The compile process can’t continue and has been aborted. If your source files are non-elementary files, demultiplex them first and use these to compile the DVD again.
I tried to demux them with TEMPGenc, flagged the “close GOP” box, rewrite GOP time code in DVDLab, rendered the movies again in Studio. Up till now without any succes, I’m still getting the same error message.
Is there anybody who can help me? I am using a P4/ 2,4Ghz/ 1000 RAM machine


because the timeline audio and video are differend.
please again re-encode audio and video witch the same software together meybe mainconcept,tm encoder,…etc

i have the same problem
video 2:40:125 min
audio 2:40:127 min

differend timeline in audio and video only 0:00:002 min and program dvdlab pro show error. compile only the same timeline.

make the same compilation witch other dvd edition software like pinacle studio,tmpg studio,sonic scenarisc and other


If the source is mpeg2 and mp2 then IfoEdit should do the trick.


I’ve never experienced any problems with DVDlab Pro when my video & audio are not exactly the same length. That’s using various audio types.


Sometimes you need noise reduction,stereo expand or convert to 5.1 witch adobe audition,sonic scenarisc to ac3 format.And then the audio timeline have other time than source.
And thats the problem and dvdlab pro show this error. You should cut the audio and video to the same time h:m:s:ms


I also seem to have a compiling problem in DVDLab-Pro. I’m new to the software and I’m trying to get around encoding a bunch of XSVCD files. I wasn’t really happy with the resulting quality and it takes forever in TMPGEnc. In any case I added the XSVCD files to DVDLab-Pro and a simple title menu, no transitions or anything. Everything looks fine but the compile aborts. All the files were demuxed by DVDLab and they’re all essentially the same. There is one file that has 0-GOP instead of a time in that column, but after reading some forums that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Anyway you can tell I’m pretty new to the program and video editing in general so let me know what info you need if you have an idea what could be causing the problem. My first question is has anyone used DVDLab to do this with XSVCD files? Should it work? Also the abort happens halfway through the mixing process. THanks everyone.


Why don’t you just ask tze creator of the tool, even more because you have the PRO version??!???