Compile MPG videos and subtitle into 1 DVD

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DVD Player, black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi. I’m a total newbie in making DVD movies, and this site is very helpful to me (THANK YOU). However, I can’t find the specific solution to my troubles in making DVD. Every other post is unique to the problem of its owner.

I have no problem copying DVD to DVD. I’ve got DVD Decrypter and it works well for me. Point is, I know the basic. Lately my attention is on VCDs and I decided to transfer them to DVDs. With Nero Vision Express, I could do that.

Now here’s my issue: I wish to copy my movies from VCD to DVD and add subtitles, which I get from external sources like

So far, here’s what I know how to do:

  • Extract DAT files using Nero
  • Extract MPG files using ISOBuster
  • Create DVD menu in Nero or DVD Lab Pro
  • Import assets into DVD Lab Pro + subtitle (.srt)

I have so many troubles!

1 — I can’t preview the whole movie in DVD lab pro. After the software has converted the MPG files into MPVs (video) and MP2s (audio), and made subtitles (SP1) out of my SRTs, DVD Lab Pro only plays the video on its preview screen. No audio. No subtitle. What am I doing wrong?

2 ---- I’m worried that the audio and subtitle would not sync perfectly so I tried fixing them in SubtitleCreator. The program doesn’t open MPG files! So I had to get IFOs out of my VCD. I used the software SVCD2DVD to do that… opened them in SubtitleCreator… and now the video is playing but the subtitles don’t show on the preview screen! Gosh.

PLEASE HELP! I only wish to compile VCD movies and subtitles into 1 DVD. I don’t know a lot of things, but I have a huge collection of full-version movie-making softwares. I’ve got:

  • Nero 7 Essentials
  • DVD Decrypter
  • DVD Shrink
  • Alcohol 120%
  • DVD Lab Pro
  • ISOBuster
  • SubtitleCreator
  • CinemaCraft

Please tell me what I lack and/or what I need to do. You can treat me like a dummy, I don’t care. Just help me please. THANK YOU in advance. :bow:

I don’t think there is sound in the preview section of DVDLab Pro. Have you simply let the dvd compile and tested it on the computer to see if there are any problems?

You can play the dvd on the computer with VLC media player if you don’t have any other software for this purpose.

No, I haven’t let it burn. I’m kinda running out of blank DVDs so I’m being thrifty with the last ones. But guess what, yeah I think I’ll go ahead and try to burn the project on the dvd. I’ll let it teach me a thing or two. But I really hope the audio and subtitle would sync well.

Any other advice you could give me, guys? I’m getting more helpless here…

OH and by the way… Since the files came from the VCD, in a movie, for example, I get 2 MPG files (out of 2 disks). So that means in DVD Lab Pro I have 2 video files and 2 audio files. Problem is, again, the subtitle. It’s only one file, how do I cut it? Or should I just combine the 2 videos first? (how?) S.O.S.

GOOD NEWS! I just learned how to split the .srt file into 2 files. I used Subtitle Workshop. Very helpful software.

Any tips?

If you don’t want to split the sub file you can just use the Windows copy command to join the two mpg files.

copy /b file1.mpg + file2.mpg combinedfile.mpg

The /b switch just means binary.

Guess what? Last night I finally burned my DVD and it’s OK.

Here’s what I did:

  • Extracted the video files using ISOBuster
  • Synchronized subtitle and video in SubtitleWorkshop
  • Imported them all in DVD Lab Pro
  • Made menu
  • Compiled
  • Tested it in PowerDVD (all good)
  • Burn!

Yay. Problem solved.