Compile DVD without pauses?

I’m trying to make a dvd (vobs) from about 20 individual MPEG files (from camcorder). when i convert them to dvd there is a pause between each vob and i dont know how to make it run from start to end smoothly with no pauses.

to remove the pauses should i either:-

  1. get some software that will join MPEGs into one file and then convert to DVD and if so, what would you recommend?
  2. compile a DVD from the MPEGs and then use software to make one vob? Again, if so,what would you recommend?

Any advice would be appreciated.


If I were doing this, I’d join the mpeg files together and go from there. I have VideoReDo Plus and it has a joiner tool for mpeg files. The files have to have the same specifications…same codec, same resolution, same audio type…in order to join them.

If this is just a one time shot, you can download the free trial of VideoReDo and use if for this purpose. Read the help file contained in the program for details on how to join the files.

Thank you. I will give that a go.