"Compilation will not fit onto a blank disk"



Hi guys! This is the message i get when i’ve tried to burn a movie(DL format) image on a Traxdata DL 2.4X media…My Px-716A…is great but…i’m confused…Movie image has 6.73Gb…my Nero is…and the Traxdata media is…“really blank”…:)…Any sugestion…will be appreciate… :bow: 10x again…


Your question isn’t really in the interests to this forum. However, i will help you.

Movie’s cannot be burned directly in Nero. A standard DVD holds 4.7 gigs of data, not nearly enough to burn a full dual-layer movie. Use a program like DVDshrink or DVD Decrypter to rip the movie to your hard drive. DVDShrink then cuts the movie down so it will fit on a single layer DVD-R or DVD+R. Once this is accomplished, you can create a “video DVD” in Nero and important the movie files ripped to your harddrive to the DVD. There are undoubedly many instructions on this in other parts of this forum. Do a search…


Are you using Nero Recorde? as stated this is really not the forum for burning programs, but you can click the link provided that will take you to Nero Recorde forum

Nero recorde forum


Ok…but it is possible to burn a image of a DL movie…from a hard disk…to a DL media???I know…the job with…split…etc…Thanks anyway…


I think hes asking why his 6.73gb Movie wont fit on his Traxdata DL 8.5GB disc, not why a certain program wont work… It could be that the 716a doesnt have a write stragety for the Traxdata DL media yet…


Finally someone understands…10x…Dark…


update your NERO…not sure 6.3.X.X has DL burning capabilities.


I understand what you are saying now, Alin tat. It is perfectly possible to burn an image of a full Dual-Layer movie and burn it on Dual-layer writable media.

Even though you are using DL media, commercial Movie DVD’s are encrypted in certain ways. That is why DVD-Shrink or DVD-Decrypter are necessary for extracting the movie to your harddrive. You can create a full iso of a movie using DVD-Decrypter. I know in DVD Shrink you can select 8.5 gig (dual layer media) with the newest version, and perhaps this will then rip the entire movie to the harddrive. I’m not sure, because I haven’t burned any dual-layer media yet. Right now it’s still too expensive for my needs.

But, once you do rip the full movie to your harddrive, it is perfectly possible to burn the full movie to dual-layer media using Nero.


To sum up:

  1. Update with the latest Nero 6.6
  2. Make sure the compilation in Nero is DVD, not CD. By default, Nero starts the compilation the last time you use it. If the last time you compile a CD, then the new compilation is CD.

If this doesn’t help, then could you please let us know step by step what are you doing in Nero until you get that error message.


Problem solved!!!It works with the latest Nero…no problem… 10x a lot for help!!!