Compilation: TY vs. CMC vs MCC CD-R


As I have previously posted some results about the behaviour of certain CD-R discs on my different drives ( and, I just want to put these results together. It is also worth mentioning, that the CMC discs are only 10% cheaper that the Verbatim branded Taiyo Yuden CD-R.

Here you are:

Cheers for that, Michael - especially good to see those 4163/1650 results :wink:


:iagree: Yepp, these are really the best CD writers in my rig. Using TY media, the Samsung isn’t that bad either.
Also I have to add, that the Benq wrote the TY @48x max (it was unstoppable :clap:).


They’re the best CD writers I own too (aside from my beloved LG CD-RW in my sig :flower: ).

Hahahaha, I’ve come across that speed thing with the BenQ, and Drage has too - he posted about it, but I can’t remember where the post is!

It’s here.

Thankyou. :wink:


then this bug in CD/DVD Speed was fixed in 4.51.3, as the Benq did not exceed the speedlimit I set (for the CMC test series).:slight_smile:


Handy to know, I just recently updated to that version. Have to give the 1650 and some CDRs a spin. :slight_smile:

Added Verbatim Data Life Plus (MCC) Made in India

Changed thread title. :slight_smile:

:bow: BIG THANX :bow:

If you could add MIC DataLifePlus MCC, the results would be slightly different.


Slow day, Drage? :bigsmile:


@Michael - many thanks for the addition, much appreciated :smiley: :bow:

Hehe, I try to stay clear from media “made in China” :bigsmile:


I didn’t have much choice when I bought my last lot of “everyday” Verb CDRs…all there were were Prodisc-made MIC!


Well, the MIC Verbatims, I saw in local stores, were not Datalife Plus.
Also, I have stocked enough Pastells :iagree:


Neither were the MIC (prodisc) ones I got - needless to say, they’re for everyday use - I have nice TY Verbs for my backups (not Pastels though) :iagree:

For comparision a pressed CD (my Nero CD):

Benq Scan (CD/DVD speed)
31/13808/3,73 (C1 max/C1 tot/C1 avg)

Liteon CDRW (Kprobe)
12/3815/1,19 (C1 max/C1 tot/C1 avg)

So even these supermarket grade CMCs aren’t that bad. :iagree: