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I hope someone can help. I have a olympus digital voice recorder, I downloaded the recorder onto the pc and tried to burn the five hours talks on to a dvd data using Nero 6, that didn’t work, I then tried to burn to a audio cd the system came back and said that the compilation not enough space. I went back to radio shack to see if maybe I could buy something else that was easy. The young man told me to split the information and to use window media , " did that" couldn’t get that to work for me, I messed up three or four cd’s. I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I recorded five hours of talks at a meeting Saturday Daytona, now I need to burn them to CD, so that I can listen to them later or give to anybody that wasn’t at the meeting. Am running windows xp if it matters. Help for a dummy.



Did you try Nero using DVD-Audio. DVD audio is not the same as CD, it is different format, and not all DVD players will play DVD-Audio either.
I do not know if you can squeeze 6 hours on DVD, but even CD will record only 1 hour in vaw format, more in MP3, but that one may not play in all CD players.


Can I split the Six hours? Can I buy a software that would make this easy:confused: for me, or what I have will work just as good?

Thanks :bow:


Yes you can split the file, but you did not answer any of the questions as to what you decided to do.
You can download Audacity (free) audio editing software and use that for splitting, converting and other functions.
I do not know how easy this software will be for you, but audio editing software are about all the same level of ease or difficulty.



The question you asked was one question and that was: I can try Nero using DVD-Audio. I think that I did this and still no audio sound came from the cd that I burned, I have messed up four Cd’s:sad: so am not sure at this point:confused:. I will try one last time after I come from my meeting tonight.




In what format did you download the recording to the PC? Is it one big WAV file (.wav file extension)?

As you’ll know, a standard 700MB CD takes 80min. audio, so you’ll need four CD’s. Depending on your Nero version, you may fine a simple wav-editor in there (and if you don’t there’s the free Audacity, as mentioned above). With either of these you can cut sections of the original file and paste them as new (smaller) files to fit on a CD. For easier navigation on the CD’s, you could also cut and paste smaller logical sections and burn them as individual tracks on the CD.

Other than working with CD’s, you could encode the material into (a) very small mp3 file(s), which could be e-mailed to the participants for example.


sylviathomp;There may be a way but I need more information on the files you are trying to burn to the CD -R .

  1. What type of files?
    2.What is the total size of all the files?
    3.What is the average size of each file?
    With that the only way I think it is even possible to get this on one CD -R will be to compress to .mp3.This will limit it to newer CD players capable of playing .mp3 from a recorded CD -R.


The question you asked was one question and that was: I can try Nero using DVD-Audio. I think that I did this and still no audio sound came from the cd that I burned, I have messed up four Cd’s:sad: so am not sure at this point:confused:. I will try one last time after I come from my meeting tonight.


I hope you are little further ahead with your quest.
You cannot use CD in Nero DVD-Audio, you have to use DVD to burn.


I download these talks from the digital recorder and transfer them to my pc. I don’t know the size of the files. the meeting was five hours :wink: long with different speakers. How can I find out? one file “I think” A file 97000, I messed up, as I didn’t know how to pause, so there is an hour and a half of nothing :(that needs to be cut out. B file I think is 67000 and the C 49000, if this dose’nt sound right than am not sure anymore.:doh:



Ok", I rechecked the files for a,b and c and I found the recording length:

for A 2H23,465
for B 1H12M475
for c 1HOOM545

I hope that’s correct!!



OK Sylvia
Get “Audacity” it is free. Nero has audio editing software also, but since this is dedicated audio editor it will be easier to use.
Download your files in and start editing. You can do cuts to the beginning or end, split file and so on.
As long as you save your editing to different file nothing will happen to original.
Audio editing is not so difficult to master.
You can than convert file to mp3, if that is what you wish, or leave it as wav to burn to CD.
Do not be afraid.
Go for it.

If you have Nero installed on your computer, open folder with your audio files. You should see icon for each file which looks like yellow CD with blue arrow at top right.
If you place mouse pointer over the icon(stay there for a while), text box will
open and it will tell you file type. It will say either Windows Audio (wav) or MP3.


Well, I had a quick look at Olympus gear on the Web and, even if you didn’t state which model you have, it appears that many of them record in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. If that’s the case here, then you won’t be able to open the files in Audacity for editing.

So we first need to know the file extension of your A, B and C files. This could be .wma or .mp3 or .wav or even something else and you may have to uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” in Folder Options to see them (sorry for the screenshot language, but it should be obvious I hope).


If the audio is WMA there is free editor/converter here:

Just rechecked on Olympus and it looks like you can choose from three recording formats WAV,MP3,WMA
on LS-10 model or cheaper models only WMA is available.


As CDuncle said Audacity should edit out the silent parts.Then unless the files are already .mp3 you will need to convert files to that. Super should do the conversion it is freeware.It looks more complicated than it is.Check the file you are going to convert witha program like GSpot & match the settings as close as possible in Super.
Even then the total of the files will need to be 700mb max for an 80 minute CD -R per CD -R.I would no go over the 80minute CD -R you could even use 74 min. but since a lot of older CD players aren’t going to play the .mp3 any way I don’t think you need to.
Some folder in folder naming of the sections & sequencial numbering & naming of the individual .mp3 files will help navigation to a specific file.Helpful when played on a computer or DVD player.The resulting CD -R will be playable on many DVD players.



I see WMA and I have olympus VN-4100PC digital voice recorder. Thanks so much for all your help and for taking the time to help dummies!!:doh:




Here’s a quick & dirty way to do what you want, without the need for installing additional software on your PC :). Go Start -> All Programs -> Windows Movie Maker and

  1. Import audio or music (your A, B and/or C WMA files).

  2. Drag & drop the track(s) from the Collection to the [U]Timeline[/U] window at the bottom.

  3. Drag the track(s) around the Timeline and slide (cut) their beginning- and end-marks at your heart’s desire :iagree:, to remove unwanted parts and obtain the desired lengths which will fit on a set of CD’s (max. 80 min. each!).

  4. Save (your projects - you’ll have to do more than one) to my computer (keep all default settings and it will put new WMA file(s) in your “My Videos” folder).

Now you can e-mail the edited WMA files to whomever needs them (if their mailbox is big enough anyway ;)) or you can burn them to CD with Nero. For burning, you’ll probably need to download and install the “Nero WMA Plugin” (linky) first, so Nero can convert the files. Once that’s done, fire up Nero (or Nero Express) and start a new “[U]Audio CD[/U]” project. Add your (sub 80 min.) WMA files to each project and burn away :).



I know about the windows movie program. I had a friend helping me over the phone with this program, this was taxing:confused: as he was trying to remember how to do it,after an hour I had to cut him short and go to bed. All I can say is we didn’t finish…!!! We will try later.