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I’m glad I found this site as I have been making quite a few coasters and am not too thrilled about it. I am currently using Nero (bundled with my writer). What I am trying to do is make a compilation of various music videos that I have ripped off several DVDs with Shrink 3.2. The problem I am having is, I think, the fact that when I drag videos into the compilation window I have to do so as folders instead of the individual files found in the VIDEO_TS folder. Obviously this is because each VIDEO_TS folder contains mostly files named the same. Windows wants to overwrite these which is NO GOOD (obviously). I have tried using the Nero 5.5 profile that G@m3FR3@K provided with tweaks found in that thread, but no luck. Once burned it will play in PowerDVD but only in “file mode” not “disc mode”. And it won’t play on any stand alone players. My Zenith keeps prompting for MP3player or JPEG player after reading the disc. My media is suspect, I know, and I plan on improving it, but will it help in my situation or am I right in thinking the problem lies in how my compilation window is set up (several folders as opposed to one VOB with attending files)? :confused:


The problem here is that you can’t just dump multiple videos onto a DVD and expect them to play on a regular DVD player.

You have to author them into the actual DVD format. (Taking multiple videos ripped from DVDs and putting them together does not equal having all things authored in DVD format.) So what I suggest you do is:

  1. Demux those ripped videos into their respective video and audio components using any demuxing tool. (I use bbdmux.exe.) You should have 2 files (a .m2a for audio and .m2v for video) for every music video.

  2. Get the trial version of TMPGEnc DVD Author and put those demuxed files into your project.

  3. In TMPGEnc DVD Author, create your DVD menus (if you want any) and then follow the wizard onward and your DVD will be authored. This will create a new VIDEO_TS directory with all menus, videos, etc, created together.

3 and 1/2. (optional but recommended step) Open the new VIDEO_TS directory in PowerDVD and it should load as a normal DVD, except that it plays from your hard drive. (This step is for test/verification purposes only!)

  1. Start a new DVD Video compilation in Nero and drag the files from the new VIDEO_TS directory into it.

4 and 1/2. (optional but recommended step) Burn using the Image File burner as opposed to an actual disc. And then mount the resulting .nrg using Nero DriveImage and you can test it as if you had actually burned it to a real DVDR. You can load this into PowerDVD for testing purposes. And when you are satisified with what you have created, then burn it for real!

  1. Burn to DVDR!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Extremely helpful post that explains everything I need. Thanks again! :bow:


Excellent, I’m glad your’re in business! :cool: