Compilation of slideshow (photos to vcd/svcd/dvd) applications

Someone asked about photo slide shows on the forum so I’m posting a collection a tools that allows you to do one…

Photo2DVD Studio

Photo2DVD Studio 3 is an powerful yet easy-to-use Photo to DVD software for creating DVD/VCD photo slide show. With this software, you can easily create DVD photo slideshow on TV and share the digital photos with your family. Even kids can make the stunning Photo to DVD slideshow!


MemoriesOnTV creates the most visually elegant slideshow on TV. Since version 1.0 (then known as PictureToTV), our popular software has helped thousands of users share their special moments in their living room. We now bring you new dazzling features to produce even more compelling video that will touch the heart of your audience.

HT Photo DVD

With honestech’s HT Photo DVD 3.0, anyone can create lasting video treasures from photos and pictures! In three easy steps, even the most inexperienced person can produce interesting personalized photo shows on CD or DVD, complete with transitions, music and narration.
In Step One (Edit Mode), pictures are assembled and organized, combined with music and voice-overs and then blended together with transitions to produce great looking videos. You can save and load the project which you worked before
In Step Two (Authoring Mode) backgrounds, titles and screen guides are added for playback on CD and DVD media.
In Step Three (Burning Mode) photo shows are saved as VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD or DVD video files and burned to CD or DVD media. And you also can save the video as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI. DV-AVI or WMV.
From importing pictures from digital cameras to watching video photo shows on TV or computer, HT Photo DVD 3.0 makes building memories a snap!

Note: I’m not related in any way to the producers/publishers of these applications.

Have fun with your slideshows :slight_smile:

Thanx a lot, nOB. I was/am about to transfer some of the family pics to the “spinning media”. It gave ideas.

Great to hear…I’m willing to add more tools! :slight_smile:

As soon as the 30min limit time is over :stuck_out_tongue:

Good post nOBeLium also another good program that put old
ew pics to DVD with audio for background music (music of your choice ) is VSO photoDVD which is one of the easest programs that i have used…
All you do is drop files or whole folder of photos into the image window and then drop some music (i used an mp3 cd) and it burns it to mpeg in a VIDEO-TS folder (lots of other options also) but the trial is limited to set amount of photos and there is a vso add in it…
which is removed for the full version
I believe that DVDSANTA also does something like this…

Thanks for the recommendation dallshead. I’ll add 2 more (at least) tomorow…just got back from a ‘party’ so I’m a bit tired :slight_smile: