Compilation of nrg's



Does anyone out there know how to make a compilation of nrg dvd images to put on one dvd? Tried everything, must be doing something wrong! Pete.


By nrg, do you mean the Nero format for copying an entire disk image? Mount the images using daemon tools or whatever, copy the files from the mounted images to your HD, then burn all of the files to a DVD.


Ye, Nero 6. Don,t want to sound a bit thick, but could you explain that in idiot language please!


Do you mean copying a selection of .nrg files that together would fit on a 4.7Gb DVD?




Yes, 4.7GB. Cheers.


.nrg files are just data files and can be copied to a regular ISO DVD-ROM using Nero or any similar burning application.



We have tried this but do not seem to be able to get the burn light up. Any chance you could do me a step by step tuition for this. I must be doing something really simple, that is wrong. It’s driving me nuts!


Yes, although I charge £100 per word :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I just tried burning three .nrg image files to a rewritable and it worked fine. There’s so many possible reasons why you can’t get the drive to burn that it’s almost impossible to diagnose with such little detail to go on. But I would suggest:

  • RTFM
  • check your burner is working with a backup using other types of data
  • make sure test burning is not selected in Nero (the drive light should come on though during test burns)
  • make sure the disc has been inserted properly
  • if still not working reinstall Nero and try again
  • if still not working make sure you have an up-to-date copy of Nero that will work with your model of DVD burner
  • if still not working the IDE data cable or the power to the drive may be the problem
  • if still not working, the drive may be at fault

Hope this helps




Thanks mate, will give it a go. Pete