Competition may let up in online DVD rental market



I just posted the article Competition may let up in online DVD rental market.

It looks
like the price war in the online movie rental market may be easing. Unwilling to
continue at a loss, Forbes is reporting that at least Blockbuster is raising prices

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I guess they now have to pay for all those dumb commercials I see about 5 times a nite, no matter what channel it seems.


The value-added in-store nonsense doesn’t help me as I will never set foot in another BB store. Now that they’ve raised the price they just lost me as a customer. I was willing to put up with longer delivery times and fewer movie selections online when I was getting a better price, but, if you’re going to charge the same as Netflix then you better be as good as Netflix. If you’re not, well, you’ll price yourself out of a market. Clearly they haven’t thought this one through…