Compatility issues with Sony CD-R (48X speed spindle)



Hey guys - I’m new to the forum so I need a little help with something. I purchased a spindle of Sony branded CD-Rs (yellow label and they are 48X speed) and have had issues with some people not being able to play original burned discs in their car stereos. In fact, my nephew got a ‘NO DISC’ error message from his Sony Discman(!).

I use a Pioneer DVR-109 using iTunes (I have a Mac G4) and I got maybe one coaster about 6 months ago. I updated the Firmware as soon as I got it last April to 1.57 and usually don’t have problems on playback or reading on other players or computers - just in car stereos (or that Discman I mentioned).

Could someone help me out as to what this anomaly is. I’m currently using ProDisc Diamond 48X to record with now…with that I hope I didn’t jump out of the pan and into the fire.



Car stereos often do have problems with CD-R discs.

The general advice is to burn slow at 16 or 24x max.

Also the brand can be important, I’ve found Verbatim Pastels to be the most compatible for this.


As TimC says, lower the speed to 16x. This should enable CAV [constant speed – 16x from start to finish] for the entire disc and may help to minimise jitter, portable stereos’ biggest enemy.

Also use good media [such as the aforementioned Verbatim Pastels] and you should see an overall improvement.


CAV or CLV? :wink:
Actually all TY-made CD-R are excellent for this job, except for value line media.


Yikes – I meant CLV :doh: And to think I had specially noted not to type the wrong acronym :o Thanks, kg_evilboy :flower:

IME, when jitter rises, it translates to pops and crackles out of the speakers. This is especially evident towards the end of the disc.

I’ve found that most decent CD-R media [including CMC and RiTEK – their CD-Rs are far better than RITEK G05s ;)], combined with a decent burner == acceptable jitter.


Thanks guys for the info…Hmm…now can someone refresh memory about CAV vs. CLV. I remember those terms during the old LaserDisc days, but as I’ve gotten older… :rolleyes:


Oh yeah - any feedback or concerns about ProDisc unbranded CD-Rs? I just bought a spindle (48X Diamond) to replace the Sonys and I hope, repeat, I hope they aren’t problematic. Beacause if they are… :a


[B]plateau1999[/B], welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

CAV: Constant Angular Velocity - The disc rotates at a constant rotational speed (RPM). This makes the linear velocity differ by a factor of 2½ between the inner and outer tracks (e.g. 20x - 48x speed).

CLV: Constant Linear Velocity - The disc surface has a constant linear speed in relation to the laser pickup. The disc rotation slows down as the laser approaches the outer track.


Prodisc aren’t the best, I’ve heard that some can flake.


No, Prodisc would not be optimal for any kind of long term use. I wouldn’t trust them past 1-2 years. Just get yourself some TYs.