Compatiblity problem with DVD?

Hi, I burned a DVD from a Sony DV camcorder to an LG DVD burner. Problem is, the DVD can only be viewed on the LG player. The DVD won’t even load on any other DVD players (tried Phillips, Sony, Sharp, and my Vaio computer). Is this a compatiblity problem? I’ve gone through the LG manual and it says nothing. LG hotline isn’t very helpful either (they dodge the question). Thanks for any and all replies…


Is the dvd a plus or minus and did you close or finalize the dvd. Is this on a stand alone dvd recorder or a computer?

Actually, I burned 2 dvds. One was a - and the other a +. Same result. DVD was finalized. The DVD recorder is stand alone.


What Media are you using??

One was a Verbatim DVD-R 4.7 GB. The other was a Samsung Pleomax DVD+R 4.7 GB.

Those Samsungs are crap.
The Verbtaims should work if the content were properly authored and burned, and the players are able to accept and recognize media and content…

What I don’t get is why they play on the LG player and not on anything else???

Can you tell us what file format you burned to the LG disc. Did you burn it as a movie DVD or data? It maybe that you will have to convert the files to be recognised by the stand alone player. Some just will not play am mpeg!

I assume it’s a movie, but would have to check. How would I go about checking so? :confused: