Compatible with Panasonic DMR-ES30V?

Just tried Maxell and got the dreaded ‘Incompatible’… :doh: …anybody out there know whats best for Panasonic?? Thanks!

What’s the ID code on the Maxell? Do you have a PC burner to check it with?
You should find that any TY or MCC media will work fine.

Some Panasonics (like my DMR-E80HS) will only record to DVD-R blanks, not DVD+R, although they’ll play both -R and +R. So check the dreaded user manual to see if that’s true of your recorder.

I think that’s def a media problem, I’m not surprised to see this with ANY Pana/Matshita drive…

I can only advice you to use good & reliable media like TY and Verbatim with this standalone recorder.

Writes to DVD±R and DVD-RW and DVD-RAM only.

It looks a lil bit weird to me that they don’t support DVD+RW …