Compatible VOB file won't reauthor properly, please help!

Hello all. Let me start off by saying I’m not a n00b but I’m not a master IFO/VOB person either. Here’s my situation:

I possess HQ quality videos of the three Ali vs Frazier fights from the 70s, possibly from vault tape sources. Fights 2 and 3 are already on a DVD complete with menus but fight 1 is a 2.1GB VOB file all by itself.

The file is already DVD compatible and does not require transcoding (704x480 broadcast, 29.97fps NTSC, 4:3 ratio, Dolby 2.0 AC3) but so far every app I’ve tried wants to transcode it except for DVD-lab Pro. But wait…it gets better…

Even though the video is alittle over an hour, most software says it’s only 29 seconds long (including DVD Shrink)! I can view it with DVD software like Nero Showtime or PowerDVD as long as I don’t try to fast forward or rewind. If I try FF, it jumps to the end of the video and ends.

These have been my findings so far:
Nero Vision - The only software so far that has created a fully working menu complete with chapters. The only problem is it transcodes the video with a horrible loss of quality. :Z

Adobe Encore - Won’t even load a VOB. :Z

Super DVD Creator - Doesn’t seem to want to transcode, but final movie ends up only 29 seconds long then ends. :Z

AVS Video Converter 4 - Won’t even boot. It just sits on the loading screen and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to shut it down. Maybe it doesn’t like WinXP 64? :Z

DVD-lab Pro 2 - The only app that divides the VOB into 1GB files and doesn’t transcode! Problems are the video is still labled as only 29 seconds long and no FF/rewind (basically identical to the 2.1GB VOB but properly cut in 1GB segments). Also the chapter menus do not work, possibly because of the improper readings of the VOB?

I’m frustrated at this point. Obviously there’s some kind of subcode in the VOB preventing me from properly authoring it unless I want to transcode. To me, transcoding is losing a generation of quality. I don’t even care about menus at this point. I just want to split the VOB into proper 1GB segments and have it read properly by a DVD player. :sad:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :bow:

For me, this is a common problem when dealing with Standalone DVD recorded DVD’s. In the past I’ve found the best thing to do is demux the audio and video into their elementary streams (using Rejig, DVD Decrypter, etc) if you have the IFO’s, or TMPGEnc’s MPEG Tools to demux… then load into DVD Lab. It’s not uncommon to still have the DVD authoring app only pick up the first chuck of video until it encounters an error. If this still happens, often times using DVD Labs Tools option to Fix Headers or Rewrite GOP Timecode might solve your problem. In other cases I’ve put the offending file into Cuttermaran or Womble and cut a few frames out at th beginning or end. This process will sometimes create DVD files that will load without error. In a few cases I never could get the video to load completely, so I ended up just re-encoding the video at a slightly higher bitrate to create an error free M2V file. The joys of working with someones poorly encoded files :slight_smile:

Thank you…thank you…thank you! You’re a genius!

I didn’t have IFOs so went with TMPGEnc (haven’t used it in years). Ran the VOB through the demux then brought the video/audio files into DVD-lab Pro. Next I ran the Rewrite GOP Timecode on the video file (not sure if I needed to do this step but the final result works so I really don’t care).

From there I went through the motions with DVD-lab Pro and baddabing…it works! The menus, timestamps and shuttling all work great. No transcoding or audio/video sync issues either. w00t!

Thanks again. I couldn’t have done it without you! :clap: