Compatible PC Burner for xbox 360 BENQ VAD6038



I have a BENQ VAD6038 drive in my xbox 360 elite. I want to backup my xbox 360 games and so I have to buy a DVD DL reader and writer because when i tried backing up a game with my existing “HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4244N” drive schtrom 360 xtract gave me a “drive not compatible” or something like that kind of error. Can you guys tell me what drive i have to buy to backup my existing 360 games and also burn games I download from the internet.
Thanks in advance!


also burn games I download from the internet.

Aww, too bad you put in that information. If it wasn’t there we might actually help you.


Damn… My bad… Everybody does that, i just mentioned it, slip of tongue… guess ill have to look for another forum…


Closing this thread for a slip of the tongue.

Feel free to stick around the forums saaketh, but don’t ask for information on how to burn copyright protected materials that you don’t have a legal right to access.