Compatible IDE optical drive for a Dell Dimension 3000

My girlfriend needs a new optical drive but I’m not sure what will work and what won’t so that’s why I 'm posting cuz I don’t want to buy one and it not work.

Can you guys recommend some drives?

Thank you

Sorry, I didn’t see a edit button.

I forgot to ask if regular discs can be used in a drive that has lightscribe for when you don’t want to use the lightscribe?

Here are some IDE drives that you can still get:

Asus DRW-22B2S
LiteOn iHAP422 (w/LightScribe)
LiteOn iHAP322
LiteOn iHAP222 (w/LightScribe)
LiteOn iHAP122
LG GH22LP20 (w/LightScribe)
Plextor PX-870A (w/LightScribe)

You should make sure the IDE port in the Dimension 3000 can support UDMA-4 transfer support, otherwise, the drive won’t read/burn up to its potential speed. Yes, you can still use regular non-LightScribe discs in LightScribe drives.

How do I check to see if it has UDMA-4 transfer support?

[QUOTE=Bridezilla;2558534]How do I check to see if it has UDMA-4 transfer support?[/QUOTE]Usually, I’d suggest to start with the manual.
While this is still an excellent idea, I can shorten something and tell you, that this system is new enough to support UDMA4.


I checked the manual and didn’t see anything related to this, but thanks.