Compatible DVR-108 Media?

I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-108. I’m curious as to what brand of blank DVD media is best (most reliable/compatible) for my drive. It need not be dual layer, with low price being the most significant factor. Product descriptions for this drive have hinted at a listing of compatible media on the Pioneer page, but I can’t find anything at all. Sorry if this is old news, I searched the forums and found nothing. Thanks.

Pioneer are excellant drives and have a good writing history to all makes of DVD discs with some exceptions of course, (unsure if this still stands true for the 108 only time and testing will tell). At the end of the day its all down to what your willing to pay for if you want the best then you’ll pay top whack if you want cheap and cheerful then thats what you’ll get.
Good quality discs
Tanyo Yuden
mitsubishi Chemical corp (MCC)
The thing with blank discs is that though it might have brand X written across them they could have been made by company Y. Try finding what discs you can source locally post back and we’ll be able to advise you further, also what are you using these discs for backup of movies / data / PS2 / etc

i have found verbitam disks with my pioneer dvr-104 work very well. 1 coaster in a pack of 25, the cost about $70, 50p per disk.