Compatible Disk Quality Measurement Software for LG DVD Burner

My LG DVD Burner(connected via USB)-

My Blank Media (coming in the mail) -

Software I am most familiar with - DVD Decrypter ( but I have had trouble reading some discs before, so I was thinking of trying AnyDVD for these discs)

Goal: Back-up DVD collection onto Blank media

Questions: 1) The blank media write speed is 2.4x but I have heard you can write such discs at 4x?? I care MUCH more about quality of discs than the time it takes (how fast is 2.4x? or 4x for that matter?)

               2) After I have finished writing a disc, is there a way to be sure that it works well without watching the entire thing? I have heard of Kprobe, but I don't have lite-on. I just want to know the copy was good before I put the original DVD back in safe keeping.

               3) Are the Maxell discs I chose decent? Any experience? What kind of success rate am I looking at? 

               4) What software do you recommend? As I said, I have only taken ISO image reads of my DVD's before with DVD Decrypter.. So any suggestions would be great. 

Thanks a bunch in advance. Really appreciate you taking the time.

Welcome abar20,

1)You will have to do some tests and see what speed work best for you.
2)There is a way to test your discs, you can use nero cd/dvd speed to to a transfer rate test and if you want a scan disc test,.
3)If you want the [U]best[/U] dual layer dvd’s get some verbatim +R DL made in Singapore.
4)AnyDVD is a good software that will allow you to bypass the copy protection, after that you can use dvdshrink/clonedvd2 and if you just want to create and burn an iso, you could use IMGBurn, it’s small, free and more frequently updated.