Compatibilty of DVDrs

I recently burned a movie onto a DVD+R and it played fine on both of my players which are one and 2-3 years old respectively, however they don’t even read at all on my friends player which is only a year old! Is DVD-r a better choice? Which DVDr format is the most widely compatible of all of them? Is there anyway to get a hold of one that is just as compatible as a regular DVD or a way to encode them somehow so that they work on most players? Please help.

+R discs are not as compatible with DVD players because some DVD players block that particular booktype.

If you drive supports it you can use bit setting to change the “bit” from DVD+R to DVD-ROM which greatly increases compatibility.

There are of course differences between all players so there is no universal answer to your question.

Crappy media will decrease compatibility dramatically, +R or -R.

But yes, imo overall -R is more compatible.