Compatibilty issue with DVD player & disc



Can anyone tell me what blank DVD-R media disc will work on a SONY RDR GX120 Smartlink DVD player.
I have used a verbatim DVD-R disc and it won’t work, but it does work on other DVD players.

I use Pinnacle Studio 11, and the verbatim disc generally is compatible with most players





According to this,

And so,
"The following formats are not supported: DVD-R, DVD-R DL (Dual Layer) and DVD-RW

“Our disc of choice for this player is the Philips DVD+RW. These re-recordable 4.7GB DVD discs take 120 minutes of standard-quality DVD recordings (or more if you select a lower recording rate)”…


Thanks George
I see where that is written down
I think I might try a DVD+R disc that might work
Thanks again