Can anybody tell me if Anydvd and Nero 9 are compatible?

Do you mean if they can be installed at the same time on computer? For what I know the answer is yes :iagree:

[QUOTE=osiris007;2455292]Can anybody tell me if Anydvd and Nero 9 are compatible?[/QUOTE]
When using Nero you need to right click the icon in the notification bar for AnyDVD and select rip video to harddisk. then use nero to burn that rip saved on computer to dvd. If you do not want to use that step get CloneDVD2 as it works perfectly with AnyDVD

Thank you so much

You’re welcome :bigsmile:

One last note if they haven’t told you or you might’ve read it somewhere else. Is don’t install Nero InCD it has been known to cause various problem with burning programs. I don’t have Nero 9 but Nero Ultra 6 and it co-exists fine with AnyDVD running in the task bar but I also don’t have InCD installed.