Compatibility with Standalones

I was just wondering, with all these DVD burn tests you guys are posting, don’t you find that the hardest part is actually finding ones that will have normal playback without skipping on standalone DVD players? Or are most of you jsut playing the DVD on your computer drives anyways…in which case I guess playback isn’t usually a problem.

On another unrelated note, I’ve noticed people complain that pixelation arises in some of their burns and they blame this on the media. Is this actually true or isn’t pixelation just artifacts introduced when compressing video using programs like DVD Shrink? Isn’t just playback problems like skipping the only real consequences of bad burns? Thanks!

Nah, scanning is useful alright, though some here seem to do it for its own sake. Or as a competitive sport. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to be a wise guy, but a little experience goes a long way- when it’s slight picture breakup and/or glitches, and finally a dead halt, it’s media almost certainly. And a proper scan will show you bad errors at that exact spot on the disc.

It’s not too tough to tell when when you have simple compression artifacts. Call them pixelizing, macroblocking, whatever. And then there can be jerkiness from bad telecine, PAL <-> NTSC conversions, bad authoring, computer bogged down with malware and/or bad fragmentation while trying to render a project, etc. On occasion I’ve had a disc just dirty enough to play glitchy, usually players will refuse outright any such disc. Experience allows you to distinguish one from the other.

Heh, after re-reading what I just wrote, all I can say is welcome to an interesting hobby. :slight_smile: