Compatibility/Suggestions please?

Are these three items are compatible with each other right? I read up on the board at Intel and the site claims it supports most of the Intel T socket processors. It also says it can support DDR2 667 or 533 ram.

Intel board D945GNTLR

PQI 240-Pin DDR2 667

P4 640 Prescott

I might switch the ram and processor out for these slightly cheaper ones:

GeIL 240-Pin DDR2 533

P4 540J Prescott

The motherboard I won’t change because it has most of what I was looking for on a board. Integrated video/audio, 4 or more PCI slots, PCI express, rear firewire and 4 or more USB ports. The whole 64 bit thing was so I won’t have to buy any other upgrades for a while. As far as AMD I know nothing about them so I’m not really considering it.

You should. I just purchased an Athlon64 (Venice core); it’s my third Athlon system in a row and am very happy with it. A mainboard I can recommend to go with that is something with a VIA KT890 chipset (from Asus, Abit, DFI, etc.; always stay with the well-known brands!).

Your suggested components look fine though. And I think you can’t go wrong with GeIL memory.

There will be very little practical difference between an AMD system and an Intel system, although as far as i know the AMD chips are better value for money at the moment, so you’d be well advised to have a look at some comparative reviews.

I have to disagree with that. Athlons and Pentiums perform different in different applications. For example, Athlon64 cpus perform much better in the area of games, while Pentiums tend to be better at video encoding. A nice comparative chart can be found on tomshardware. It’s a bit outdated (the newest cores aren’t in the charts yet), but still quite informative.
Mainly depends on what applications you use…
XviD still outperforms DivX 5 in quality though and it’s free.

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile: