Compatibility Questions From A Newbie

Hello, i just recently stumbled upon this site, and so far i like what i see. I decided to join because, like many, i have unanswered questions and would like some input from others who have more experience than i do with burning.

Here’s my situation…

I have a samsung writemaster (H552U) with the latest firmware US07.
I have downloaded tons of programs that i’ve discovered useful from my research over the last few weeks. My burning program of choice is Nero 6 and Dvd Decrypter, although i have many others.

This is my first attempt at burning DVD discs. I have no problems burning, but i have some issues in the compatibility area. I’m using DVD+R DL discs. I have a Yamaha yht760 with a DV-C6761 dvd player. Supposedly this dvd player should be able to play DVD+R discs, along with any other format, but i am unable to play my discs in the player. The player simply reads “NO DISC” whenever i try. I have another dvd player, a SONY, which plays the discs fine.

Up until now i’ve been thinking that i was doing something wrong in the burning process. I read that i should be able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM to enable compatibility through NERO, but this isn’t working. Nero gives me an error that the disc is unsupported, so i end up just using DVD Decrypter to burn the disc. Since my brand of burner isnt mentioned in the booktype settings dialogue i am unable to change the booktype with dvd decrypter.

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong? Should i be using DVD-R discs? Is Yamaha lieing to me? Should i just use a different DVD player? Should i be using a different burner?

I’m trying to make my burns as compatible as possible and once i figure out what works best for me i’ll stick with it. I’ve done a lot of research but seems right now i’m at odds end.

Any help or words of wisdom is greatly appreciated!

If your burner doesn’t support Booktyping DVD+R media to DVD-ROM, then you should use DVD-R media only.

Well from what i’ve read the latest firmware updates allow changing of the booktype, although i can’t confirm this or deny it. In addition, i updated Nero as well. The only difference i know of is that when i burn with NERO i am now allowed to change the booktype… although like i said in my post, i didnt actually work. I got an error about inserting a compatible disc and had no way to get around it, so just ended up burning with the other program.

What’s strange to me is that both my DVD players state that they play DVD+R/-R, but when i burn a disc, it is only recognized by the SONY player (cheaper player) and not the Yamaha player.

I guess further experimentation is necessary.

I’m getting different sources telling me different things regarding -R DL media. A few places have suggested that this burner isn’t compatible with DVD-R DL media (only +R DL), and a few others are suggesting that it is compatible. This is frustrating.

I was going to get some DVD-R DL and burn the same way i did above just to see the results.

I was only referring to SL, not DL media, BTW.

I getcha :wink:

I’m not really interested in compressing movies or trying to make them fit on smaller discs. I want 1:1 copies as close as i can get them, that’s why i started using DL media. I have tons of SL media but i don’t bother with them for burning videos.

Here’s an update to this post…

I burned a video on a different kind of disk, a DVD-R, and was able to play it in both my DVD players without any problems. Hopefully someone can tell me what this might mean?

So far i ascertain that:

  1. My DVD player (the yamaha player) might have issues playing DVD DUAL LAYER discs?
  2. My Burner might be burning the DUAL LAYER disks differently and somehow somewhere there is something that is allowing my DVD-R’s to be read properly, whereas my DVD+R DL are not?

Is it true that only DVD DL disks can have the booktype changed?
So far i’m seeing that both my burns are not changing booktypes. What i mean is, my dvd-r showed up as “dvd-r” booktype, and my dvd+r dl shows up as “dvd+r”. Again, the yamaha player works fine with my dvd-r discs.

Interesting. Too bad i’m not getting enough replies on this post to have better feedback from the wiser. :wink:

doe syour burner even support booktyping?

dvd-r are more compatible with more standalones than +r.

only +r (single OR dual layer) can be booktyped. And they can only be booktyped if your burner/firmware support it.

i’d stick to -R unless your burner supports booktyping in which case I’d use +R and booktype it to DVD-ROM.

…but all of that info could have been found by clicking the link for booktyping or doing a search…

Have only found the Yamaha 7000 …seems to be picky about media.

if my memory serves me correct …i don’t think this burner can change the booktype of DVD+R9 DL to DVD-ROM

i dont know if i can or cant. Like i said above, i’ve gotten mixed responses in my searches for a definite answer. Nero allows me to change the booktype… although when i actually burn something the booktype doesnt get changed. I have no idea how i would know, FOR SURE, if my burner allows for changing of booktypes. All i know is that Nero allows me the option, but that i dont see it actually happening when i burn (in the logs).

When i infodisk a newly burned disk, it doesnt show a changed booktype. Beats me.

from what I’ve been able to gather is your burner can only change the booktype of +R disk and not dual layer +R.

Changing the booktype only applies to DVD+R/RW/R9 DL and not -R

Your yamaha might have an issue with playing +R Dual layer discs. If your burner would have been able to change the booktype to DVD-ROM then that could have solved your compability issue.

Another issue in your case is that I don’t think this burner supports dual layer -R

a quick search revealed that is seems that bitsetting is allowed with this burner starting with the US06 firmware, but it requred that the latest version of nero be used (or whatever the latest version was at the time of the US06 release I guess)

is your nero up to date? I don’t use nero, so I wouldn’t know what the latest revision is, but it seems you should be able to bitset in this manner.

the full review of this burner that included the bitsetting information is right here on cdfreaks, so you didn’t have to go far to find your answer!

I have 2 cheap dvd recorders linked to digital set top boxes. I have found that the brand name unit will only “eat” brand name disks…eg: TDK, 3M etc… I I try to use “unbranded” or any generic brands I get a “no disk” message in the display. Curiously, my cheapo Chinese recorders eats everything. My suggestion is that perhaps you need to look at using quality brand disks. Hope this helps…

Once you figure how to booktype I suggest that you lose nero for dl layer burning, this is because it not very well suited for this type of burning. I would suggest that you use.

DvD Decrypter to iso write to the hard drive ( Two files - iso,mds)
ImgBurn to iso read to your blank media via the mds file.

Use AnyDvD as well so that you can remove the latest copy protections that DvD Decrypter will not. This is because DvD Decrypter is no longer updated.

DvD Decrypter will allow you to booktype.

:cool: :cool:

Yay, i got some good replies here. Let’s get to them…

How did you surmise that my burner is capable of changing the booktype of +R and not +R DL? Did you read this somewhere? If so can you provide a link? I don’t have any +R to test on, just +R DL. So a -R disc can’t be booktyped? Thanks for tellin me. I was starting to lean toward that answer. I think you are right in that it won’t support -R DL discs.

“a quick search revealed that is seems that bitsetting is allowed with this burner starting with the US06 firmware”
Yeah i did those “quick searches” too, thats the problem. Some say it does, some say it doesnt. Everything is updated. See my post above. Nero is updated. Everything is updated.
I read that cdfreaks review a million times. It conflicts with a number of other sources i’ve read on the net, which is what is largely confusing me. That cdfreaks article was one of the first that i came upon, though.

You might be right, i think the former is more likely though, that it just won’t read +R DL discs unless they are definitely booktyped to DVD-ROM. I really dont think there is a quality issue here.

I use DVD DECRYPTOR because i found it works alot easier. I’ve been having some problems burning my iso’s with Nero, i would get an error saying to insert a compatible disk and it would say it wanted a CD (not DVD) even though i clearly had it set to burn a DVD disc. So i gave up on Nero, and was only testing it to see if i could change the booktype. THe problem with DVD Decryptor is that it won’t allow me to change the booktype using any burner other than the 5 or 6 listed in its options dialogue box. Of which my Samsung is not one of them. I haven’t messed around with anyDvd yet. Haven’t had the need to … yet. :wink:

Thanks everyone. I’ll post again as i learn more.