Compatibility Problems

Hello All,

I have an Hi-Val (Magicspin, Top-G, BTC) DVDRW IDE 1008 fw768 in my main PC & an LG GCC-4120B fw2.02 in another. When I burn a DVD-R in the IDE1008 everything seems to work well untill I try reading the media in the LG drive. This wasn’t always the case. I recently removed a Zip Drive from my main PC because I never used it, & then I started having compatibility problems.


Athlon 2400+
SY-K7VTA Pro Motherboard (4.46 Hyperion Drivers)
1048Mb PC133 SDRAM
Primary HDC
Maxtor DiamondMax ATA133 80Gb HD (Master) (UDMA)
Maxtor ATA100 60Gb HD (Slave) (UDMA)
Secondary HDC
Hi-Val DVDRW IDE1008 (Cable Selected Master) (UDMA)
Radeon 9200se

Media: LEDDATA01 (4x Eagle Branded DVDs from Tiger witch have performed nicely up until now.)

This machine has recently had all CD/DVD mastering programs removed (Roxio, Alcohol, CloneDVD, Nero) and all traces of the programs have been expunged from the file system & registry. The latest version of ForceASPI has been installed & it’s freshly defragged. All it has on it at the moment is Nero 6. When I burn a disc (ISO/UDF), everything seems to go very smoothly, no errors & the resulting disc reads fine on this machine.

I’m pretty sure the LG machine is fine as I have never had a problem reading anything on this particular machine. Previous discs from the IDE1008 have rarely been a problem. This machine does have Alcohol 120%, Nero 6 & InCD on it as well. I don’t remember all the specs on this machine, but I can get them tonight if it’s deemed relevant.

Can anyone help me? Am I forgetting something? I’ve been lurking on here for 4 days or so trying to figure this thing out for myself. I’m an A+ certified tech so I’m not new to PCs at all but I’ve never encountered a problem quite like this.

Does the LG drive still recognize the ‘older’ LEADDATA discs that it had no problems recognizing in the past?
Do the ‘newer’ discs read fine in a DVD standalone player?
How about running some Nero CD-DVD Speed Transfer rate tests to check readability.
(These are best run in a DVD-ROM drive if you have access to one).

It could be that your newest batch of LEADDATA is poorer quality than your previous versions.
Also, your LG drive just might be starting to have readability issues, a firmware update can sometimes solve this. Update the LG firmware and test again.


I’m too owner of Soyo K7VTA Pro motherboard and I’m interested in upgrading my Duron 1000 MHz to Athlon XP 2400+, so I have couple of questions

Does your 2400+ have Sempron or Throughbred core?
Which version of BIOS do you have?
Have you unlocked your 2400+?
Did you have any trouble with motherboard recognizing CPU?
Is it possible to underclock 2400+ to run as 2000+ (because of the heat)?