Compatibility Lite on LTR-40125S and Prassi Primodvd

I wanted to know if it is normal that the Liteon LTR 40125S are incompatible contrarily with the program Prassi PrimoDVD( it works with the Waitec Aladar).
The message that appears is: Error run time “9” - Subscript out of range
The version of the Prassi primodvd is the 2.0.767
I attend suggestions.


You need to download and install the Prassi PX Engine Update v.342 in order for your Lite-on LTR-40125S to be recognized by Prassi PrimoDVD. :wink:

Whether the error message is because the Lite-on is not a DVD drive, I can’t say.

Thanks, but I use the same program with a Waitec Aladar and I don’t have some problem.
I had already unloaded the update but there is no anything to do with the LITEON.

Are you able he anchors to recommend me?


According to the Device Recognition List for the PX Engine Update v342, the Lite-on LTR-40125S is supported.

I don’t know why you are getting the error message. There are numerous reports of this error message all over the web. See the Google Search

and Microsoft Knowledgebase.

Maybe you can get some ideas from these links.

If you will go to:

there’s a forum for requesting new drive support for the Prassi and RecordNOW burning software.

Veritas still owns it. Stomp is one of the major distributors.


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