Compatibility list for 4160

Sorry, I forgot a question.
I couldn’t find a compatibility list for the 4160. Does someone of you know where to find one ?
And as I suppose the compatibility changes with the firmware, this might be a bit tricky :confused:


To know about the best discs, you should search this LG forum. Many results will come up.
But I can tell you some brands which your drive likes. I found these to give great burns:
Taiyo Yuden -R 8x (media code: TYG02)
Verbatim -R 8x (MCC02RG20)
Maxell -R 4x (TYG01 and MXL RG02)
Verbatim +R 8x and 16x (MCC003 and MCC004)
Sony +R 4x (MCC002)
Maxell +R 4x (YUDEN000T01)
Verbatim +R Dual Layer 2.4x (MKM001)

For CDs, choose Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Sony, TDK.

You have other options, but these will give the best results.

Check this out - MID codes

I own a LG 4160B updated with recent firmware and have used the Samsung Pleomax DVD-R 4x with excellent results not only with the 4160B but also with my stand alone DVD recorder Panasonic EMR-50S. By the way, this Samsung media has good compatibility with the EMR-50S which is known as a very media selective recording machine. No problems also to use Philips DVD-R 4x and Power Disc DVD-R 4x with my LG 4160B. But not with the Panasonic EMR-50S (stand alone model) which refuses the Philips and Power Disc brands but accepts and records very well the Samsung Pleomax. Now I am only using theis particular Samsung DVD-R media on both (PC and stand alone) DVD recorders. Total compatibility and excellent cost / benefit.


Check out you might find some media that you can burn somewhat faster than 4x.