Compatibility issues ! Help!

Hello, I’, new to the forum and have two questions - Are the set top players one buys at walmart any good? I have bought 2 over the last years- a cyberhome and a ilo DVD+R . I am always having compatability problems even after finalizing. They simply do not work on several other settop DVD players or playback erratically !!! Is it the blank medium ? I have heard you must use good quality medium. It is so frustrating spending all the time creating menus ( with the little remote keypad ) to then have the dvd worthless in other machines!!! Grrrrrrrrr… any hints or tips ? :sad: :confused: :a

OK - i am talking about a DVD recorder , not a player as mentioned in my post !

Welcome to the forum :).

Yes, it is important to use good quality discs, and this may indeed be your problem. What brand are you using?

well , i have been using imation DVD+RW , ilo +R , maxel+RW , I tried the more expensive +RW thinking it would help but there is still erratic issues.

OK… those discs probably aren’t the worst.

When using +RW discs, are you using the ‘Make Edits Compatible’ function before trying on the other DVD players?

Oh yes ! Before you can eject the dvd it asks you that question. So I always do it.

If you have a DVD re-writer on your PC, have you considered ripping and re-authoring your recordings? This will probably increase compatibility and give you a more flexible menu design system.

I have a Cyberhome DVD recorder also and have found that it is very picky about which DVDs work well in it.

First, make sure you are using only +R +R/W.

Second, check out Has a list of what brands work with this recorder. The list of DVDs that do not work properly is bigger than the one for the DVDs that do work properly.

I use +R/Ws on my recorder than make permanent copies from my computer and have had almost no compatability problems this way.

Hopes this helps a little.