Compatibility issues for Standalone DVD Recorders- Which Brand is best?

Whutz up?
I have seen similar threads so I will try to be more specific…and worry about DVDs copying and whether it will play on other DVD players. So this will be helpful to anyone who makes DVDs for other people.
What is the best Brand of Standalone DVD recorders in your opinion??? I know no brand is perfect… I was really happy with Sharp - but it looks like they don’t sell them anymore. So I am in the market for a new DVD recorder.
I am interested in Menus to pop up (when they insert them into the player).
I do distribute the DVDs to family members - so compatibility is important.
And also making copies of the DVDs on the computer is also important (obviously).
Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would be a nice Christmas gift.


Welcome to CDFreaks, Among top brand names for the DVD Recorder combo(VHS/DVD) are Pioneer, Samsung and Sony, having said that by my own experiences when you trying make copy thru Stand Alone DVD Recorder you better use -R disc rather than +R also use always brand name media (Sony, Verbatim, Fuji) made in Japan.
Have merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I’ve had pretty good luck with the LiteOn LVW-5005, I wore a coupla burners out with it. The replacement burners were PC based LiteOn burners that I used +R media in which were bitset to DVD Rom for the best compatability possible. Just got another one for $59 dollars because LiteOn is gonna stop make them under their name.

The recorders or the burners? I have 2 LVW-5005 and may need a replacement burner for one of them.