Compatibility issues between my DVD Burner & Player

After reading some of the forum posts I decided to upgrade my firmware for my LiteOn LDW-411S DVD burner. I’ve asked questions about some of the problems I’ve had playing the Burnt DVD’s on my Stand-alone player (Samsung). From some of the posts I’ve learned that certain burners create a more compatible DVD for a specific player. By the way I use DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter to burn my DVD’s (as suggested by most of you). Like I said in my original post my son’s Burner seemed to put out a DVD that played without any problems on my player. I took some of the DVD’s I burned to Circuit City and tried them on a few of their players and came up with one that gave me pretty good results (it was The Panasonic DVD-S29 player). Now again from my original posts a lot of the discussion involved the media itself (what type of DVD-R’s did I use)? After some discussion I went out and got some Verbatim’s at Office Max. Like I said on this new player they play pretty good except an occasional Digital blur on the picture from time to time. The thing that’s funny is if I go back and play it over the same portion again, no problem, which leads me to believe that the player has problems periodically reading the burnt DVD. This sounds like the medium to me, what do you think? Upgrading my firmware didn’t seem to make a difference. I wonder if any of you can come up with a reliable burner that will work on this model Panasonic player that I just bought, or a reliable DVD-R brand disk that is compatible with this player, or a suggestion that will help me to be able to sit and watch a burnt DVD on my new player without anxiety attacks. Is there a best speed to burn at, a best setting to use with Shrink or Decrypter? I read one post where somebody had 3 burners and 3 stand-alone units to get the results he wanted, I don’t want to go there. I want to be able to burn a DVD that will play on my machine without problems & hopefully on other machines as well. Please hit me with your suggestions.
Thanks ahead of time
Uncle Bob
PS. Isn’t there a site I can go to find information about media and methods that are compatible with my burner & player?

Sounds like you’re looking for