Compatibility issues between burning softs



Hi all !
My first post...
I've just bought a Lite-On LTR40125S, and after a quick (so to speak) look at all the threads, I was wondering (having visited the Daemon Tools) which soft is best (all-rounder) to install on my PC, as I don't really want to do a lot of "extra" stuff with my CDR other than just backing up my own works. I wouldn't want to spoil my machine because I've installed 5 or 6 softwares (nero / disc juggler / disc dumper / Cd Mate / FireBurner...) that end up interfering with each other.

Thanks for any advice !


This is the programs I use:

Nero 5.5 (for SVCD and music).
CD-Mate (to write normal files from harddrive to CD, and in some rare cases write from a image file).
CloneCD (To backup my original discs).

EAC is also a program I use now and then for music…


I’ll go for these !