Compatibility between Nero 8 and NeroSDK 1.08

[Hi Everyone

I have a question about the Compatibility between Nero 8 and NeroSDK 1.08.

I installed Nero 8, and also downloaded NeroSDK 1.08.
Then, I used “NeroAPITest.exe --write --drivename d –real --iso mydvd “folder name”" to burn a CD.

After the CD burning process completed, I opened the CD. All the file names are weird characters, a very long line. Although the file sizes look correct, every file is empty when I open it.

So, I wonder if the SDK 1.08 is compatible with Nero 8. From their document, it said it supports the command set of Nero

Can anyone help me here? Thanks a lot for your helps.


Hi, I’ve got exactly the same problem.
Does someone have an idea on that issue ?


The current SDK does not fully support Nero 8 and no one from Nero appears to be willing to comment on when this will be resolved.

Can someone please help us? We have taken a dependency on Nero in our product and have nothing but this forum for advice and assistance.

Thanks in advance.