Compatable computer and best blank bd media



Hello this is my first post so please ignore my ignorance

I just bought a gbw h20l rewriter from circut city for $200 ( a deal i just couldnt pass up) I have a few qustions

I have a quad core computer with a ati x1650 video card (I dont think its a HD card) I also have a acer 22 inch wide screen moniter (not HD monitor) I do have a canon hv20 camcorder which is high def.

I want to convert my movies to bluray. Since my moniter isnt HD and my video card not HD will i be able to transfer and edit the video on my computer ( note … i dont care how it really looks on my puter just on my tv which is HD)

The softwar that comes with the rewriter is power producer. What is the best and easiest software to make bluray moves with chapters and menu’s? I have used nero express and ulead media in the past.

I have been told thjat sony bluray disks are the best , is this true ? Is there anyothers that are cheaper that are the same quality?

if i use rewritable media will it work in a ps3? can you close the disk after it has been burned later. this way i can test it to make sure it works and if so just close the disk so it cant be erased?\

thank you for your help


  1. shouldn’t be a problem but could depend on the software used.

  2. “easiest” is a matter of opinion. start with what you have and then look for something else if it doesn’t meet your needs.

  3. your choices are limited and they aren’t cheap.

  4. media and the video format used seem to affect playback from player to player at the moment. What works on one, may not work on another. Not even the Sony players seem to play all of the discs or formats. It will boil down to trial and error which basically sucks with the cost of the discs involved.

Personnally, I’d recommend waiting for the format to mature and saturate the market. Blu-Ray is still basically a niche market.