Is there an incompatability between some dvd burners and stand alone players or is my problem self inflicted as a newbie? I can burn a copy that plays well on the pc but the stand alone player will not load, just asks for a disc. I’ve tried various types and brands of discs with the same result and I’ve tried a couple different software programs although mostly imgburn in build mode following very well written tutorials. I’ve burned at speeds all the way from 4 to 10 to default.
I’m working with a Sony DRU-V200A on Vista Premium and an RCA RTD120 player. Thanks much for your time and interest in helping us less knowledgeable individuals. You are truly a giving bunch :bow:

Some players are just picky about burned media.

I don’t believe your burner is capable of bitsetting (setting booktype) on +R disks without using a modified firmware, else I’d tell you to try that. You can ask/search in the Sony burner forum to see if there is a bitsetting firmware available for your drive.

The only other thing I’d recommend would be using Verbatim -R disks and burn them at 8x with ImgBurn.