Compatability with HDMI - Panasonic DVD DMR-EZ25



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Could someone give advice on why I am having problems with the above DVD Recorder when connecting via HDMI to a Philips TV which is only 6 months old and is also equipped with HDMI connections? The error code on the DVD is U71 and on the TV is “Unsupported video format”. I have been told by one source that the version od HDMI on the recorder is not compatable with the newer versions which is more likely to be on the TV. Thank you.



Have you contact the manufacture of either products and asked them about it? That should be the first thing to try to do??? We can’t do your homework for you - you have to be willing to do that part of it as well. We on here are to help but not to do your homework for you.


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Hi coolclors

I have been trying to solve this for quite awhile now, changing cables, using different sockets on my TV etc, visited the local Panasonic outlet and the retail outlet who sold the DVD recorder to me for advice. The advice given was that the model DMR - EZ25 had the earliest form of HDMI and that current equipment was using 1.3a which was not compatible with the earlier version. I was recommended to join this forum for advice. In the meanwhile I have been using the scart connection.


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If your Panasonic is set to Auto.
It probably is going to 1080p.
Try setting manually to 1080i.