Compatability Issues with Infiniti DVD-R Discs



Has anyone experienced any compatability Issues using these discs? Some seem to work fine after burning others are giving me problems on various players. What is the most widely compatible DVD-R disc? Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Genuine Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, and TDK have never failed me. Check the MID code on these Infinitis and see who makes them.


Thanks for your reply. Although they are supplied from the same place(Medea Direct) and are branded in the same manner, they have different Manufacturers so far I have found “Sony” and “GMC”.


What were the exact mid codes? Was it SONYDO4,(or similar) and CMC? I’ve never heard of GMC. Sony are OK, but there are many fakes out there. CMC are pretty much crap due to their inconsistency.


Thanks for the reply, yes the code was SONYD04 and CMC AE1 I think.