Compatability issue with LG GGW-H20L and Verbatim BD-R

Hello to all
Im sure im not the only one having problems with the LG GGW-H20L writer and Verbatim BD-R x4 blanks. I have only managed to burn of these discs successfully. The supplied Verbatim BD-RE disc works perfectly.
Any one else with this problem?.If so which BD-R blanks are you using that work. The writer has the YL03 firmware and i use Nero

what is the MID on the disc?

I personally used with 100% success rate: 2x TDK (some TDK MID), 2x SONY (sony MID), 2x and 4x Panasonic, and 2x(burn 6x) Verbatim

i assume you mean the disc ID?
I will check with nero info if it works!

i use 4x and 2x bd-re same firmware as you only verbs as tdgay doesnt seem to agree with my reader im burning them for :slight_smile:

Its the x4 speed printable BD-R Verbatims that seam to be the problem.
I read on other forums that the older x2 speed discs are fine.
I bought them from SVP who say its a drive problem.
I spoke to LG technical on saturday, they say its a disc problem!

ah i use none printable 4x media it might be a quality issue with the media , try some other 4x media :slight_smile:

Hi all and thank you for your help.
Im posting this to say that it is definately a media problem with the the 4 speed printable verbatim BD-Rs.
I have successfully burnt a TDK x2 BD-R with the same image. It is obviously either a firmware issue or a batch of duff discs.

Can you please check the MID of the 4x printable Verbatim BD-R?

According to this thread ( it should be VERBATIMc but just in case! Thanks. :wink:

Unfortunately i have sent back the discs to SVP. As usual their customer service is excellent. The have just sent me the x2 Verbatim BD-Rs as replacements. The problem discs had Verbatim #43668 on the back of the case. Also looking at the picture of the disc posted by you on the media review, these dont look the same. There is no writing on the disc hub.