Comparison of ND3540A scanning capabilities at different speeds



Just for checking the scanning capabilities of the 3540, I thought it might be interesting to compare the results when scanning at different speeds.

Here’s the 1x scan:

This is the result at 5x:

That’s what it looks like at 8x:

Now for something completely different - 12x:

And finally at full 16x:

Funny thing is 1x and 16x give the same quality score in Nero. So I think I’ll keep scanning my discs at 16x.

Here’s a transfer graph I created on my old Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-ROM:

The graph on my 3540 shows no problems:


Disc 1:

Disc 2:

No comment needed i think


Disk #1: DVD+R TDK [TDK002], 16x burn by NEC 3540.

  1. 5x scan.
  2. 8x scan.
  3. Max scan (really 13x CAV).

8ECC for all.


Disk #1: DVD+R Fuji 8x, YUDEN000 T02, 16x burn by NEC 3540.

  1. 5x scan.
  2. 8x scan.
  3. Max scan (really 13x CAV).

8ECC for all.


Disk #1: DVD+R Fuji 8x, YUDEN000 T02, 12x burn by NEC 3540.

  1. 5x scan.
  2. 8x scan.
  3. Max scan (really 13x CAV).

8ECC for all.


[Off Topic]

Liggy is that 1.02 firmware you are using newer than what we got?..

If it is… Sweet! :bigsmile:


When will the 1.02 firmware be available for us?



Where are the new 1.02 fimware available??



It’s only a different numbering I did myself in order to not mix up some of my patched firmwares. But I’m surprised it took so long until the first person asked :bigsmile:


Unbranded TDKG02 burnt on a JVC DR-M10 standalone recorder
(why this disc? Er… it happened to be in my drive when I decided to perform these scans, and I knew that the PIE levels were higher than most of my other discs :bigsmile: )

1X, 5X, 8X, 12X and 16X scans all performed @1ECC PIF scanning interval

Comments and questions:

:cool: PIF figures seem to show great consistency between different scanning speeds!!
:frowning: PIE figures have no consistency between different scanning speeds (except for 1X and 5X speeds that give similar PIE results)
:confused: the 8X scan shows a very marked step, and I wonder if it shows the point where the drive starts to skip samples at higher speeds (as Dee mentioned to me in another thread)? Can someone confirm this?


You won’t notice when the drive starts skipping samples… =) LiteOn drives do this all the time and nobody noticed it yet =P


Hey Quickee :slight_smile: - do you know your posts in the 1.W5 thread actually played in important part in my buying of the 3540A? :wink: - (actually 2 of them)

“You won’t notice when the drive starts skipping samples”

Then I wonder what’s this step, and why the PIE error levels stay down after this… very strange, even more since it seems to happen exactly when reaching 6X speed.

I’ll perform the same series of scans on another disc.


Verbatim DatalifePlus 8X -R (MCC 02RG20)
Burned at 8X on Pioneer 109 firmware 1.55

Again this step in the 8X scan, but this time it’s not exactly in the same place… :confused:

Apart from this, I’m starting to think I’ll stop using 16X to scan my discs and use 12X instead, which is more consistent with 1X and 5X results.
Saving time is not my only reason to use higher speeds: I HATE these single spikes popping up in almost all scans performed @1X/5X!

8X, er… looks like being a no-go with the 3540A.