Comparison of GPU and CPU H264 encoding



Though it gets a bit technical, this is a good overview of gpu encoders compared to cpu based programs.

If you don’t want to wade through the tests, skip to the conclusion on page 27. (spoiler alert: X264 kicks butt and takes no prisoners)


Wow that’s a fascinating article Kerry.

Thanks for posting that. :flower:

The interactive quality comparison shots are excellent and that Inception still is particularly revealing.

I had difficulties telling the difference when you get to the slow x264 2 pass version and the last two I couldn’t see any differences at all. :eek:

2 hours for the overkill x264 very slow 2 passes isn’t all that excessive either.

So it seems investing in a fast CPU was the right choice as I debated whether to get a faster graphics card or put more money into the CPU when I bought my current machine.



That is a great article…