Comparison of dye types

  • AZO-Lack
  • Cyanine
  • Ptalo-Cyanine

What are advantages, disadvantages and shared properties of them?

  • Lifespan.
  • Light resistance.
  • Temperature/Humidity/air pressure resilience.
  • Physical robustity, crack and scratch resistance (especially from 0.1mm CD label side).
  • Compatibility.
  • Rotation speed resulience?.
  • Laser power requirement during read and burn.
  • Burning quality/speeds.
  • Comparison to MABL (BD), Gold ISO10995, M-Disc rock, SERL, coloured disc.
  • Price per disc piece.

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Forgot to mention BD-R HTL vs LTH.

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I know this article and my experience is different with a few types.

HTL RITEKBR2 looks not bad in the test but is together with RITEKBR3 the most awful optical media I´ve ever had.

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