Comparison! dvd-r writing performance on 822A vs. 800@822A with same fw

since the 800a and the 822a seem to have the same interior, and one is able to upgrade the 800a to a 800@822a by firmware, i was wondering whether the dvd-r writing performance is the same, better or worse, when you use the same media and the same firmware on either the original 822a or the upgraded 800@822a? I use a 800@822a fw B3IC and burned some RITEKG04, RITEKG05 and MCC 01RG20 (alias verbatim) all of them dvd-r. I can read them alright in any DVD-ROM drive and DVD-player. The only exception is my notebook drive which seems to be very picky on dvd-r. So I tried to burn a RITEKG04 in a pioneer DVR-107D,and the disc could be played even in my notebook drive. So I was wondering how good is the minus performance of the BenQ drives and is there any difference between them? Any pics are welcome! if you happen to use the same fw and media it is even best! All 822a owners please post?
below you will find the following screenshots:
1.RITEKG04 burned @4 with 800@822a B3IC quality scan
2.RITEKG05 burned @8 with 800@822a B3IC writing scan
3.RITEKG05 burned @8 with 800@822a B3IC quality scan
4.RITEKG04 burned @4 with DVR-107D quality scan
5.MCC 01RG20 burned @4 with 800@822a B3IC quality scan

Sorry here is the shot of the RITEKG04 burned @4 with the pioneer 107D