Comparison between Premium 1 and Premium 2 rips surprised me!



I have a streaming music server so I had spent a bit of time ripping all my personal CDs to FLAC using EAC and my Plextor Premium 1. I used all of the recommended settings, offsets, detection methods etc for the drive and got all that work done.

I recently bought a Premium 2 and popped it into the exact same computer (replacing the Premium 1). I set up the same copy of EAC but this time for the “2”, again using the settings as documented here and confirmed on other sites for the “2”. As a test I ripped a track from one of my CDs exactly as I did with the older drive.

The first thing I noticed was that the file sizes were different. So I re-ripped the track on the Premium 2 a couple of additional ways (drive caching on, burst mode on). In all cases the tracks pulled off the Premium 2 came out all the same size an matched through a binary file compare. When I did a binary compare on the old track versus any of the newer ones it spat out endless lines of differences.

I’m pretty sure accuraterip indicated the rips on the Premium 1 and 2 were both good, but I did the Premium 1 rips so long ago I can’t remember the accuraterip score.

Is there a way to check and already ripped track against accuraterip? How do I tell which one is really right?


You can use CueTools for checking already ripped tracks and images. Download latest version here:
This is a very powerfull utility. Even if your audio-CD is scratched and your rip is bad, CueTools checks its own online database, and if such audio-CD presents in CTDB - you can repair you bad rip.


Did you check the drive offsets?

There have been discussions before about the extraction differences between the two drives. The differences are actually fairly meaningless as the two files will null if lined up properly in an audio editor with one inverted.