Comparison between all Accuracys(PI/PO Test) from Plextools

I have burne a Taiyo Yuden TYg03 16x DVD-R @16x with a Plextor 716A with FW 1.06,and have the burned Media read at all accuracys,the pic in sequence high to lowest.

The scan is not so good how my orthers TYG03 but the orther 716 like´s them a little bit more and read the better.
Some 716 read better and some not so good i can prove because iha more 6 716 tested.
Don´t ask why it a lon story.

Yes there is a difference, but it appears to be VERY slight…

yes i make proberly PI/PO test a lower level than good because the time is lower than 15 minutes.

Did you make the same amount of burns with the same media on each unit. Powerec needs to have at least 3 of the same through it to develop it’s burn strategy!!

i think bladeede is referring to the fact that regardless of what accuracy you choose for your scans, the results are within a reasonable margin of error so in order to save time, just scan at lowest accuracy.

i want to say with thread that the difference between the accuracy not so different is.

The other i want to tell is,that some Plextor 716 a liittle bit better some media´s read and burn,i have that tested on a lot of media´s.

Here you can read the text in German:

I’ve said this many times before: the PI/PO scans should always be taken with a grain of salt as they represent how a particular drive can read a particular disc. There are always (small or bigger) variations in scans and thus, I say the best way to test your discs is to do a Read Transfer test once the disc has been written. I personally do this with every disc I write. Once my PX-716A has written the disc I put it in my PX-712A and use Nero CD-DVD Speed to do the Transfer Rate Test (F2 button). If the produced graph is smooth then I’m happy with it. I haven’t had a disc yet that produced a smooth transfer rate graph but couldn’t play properly in my DVD players. If I’m burning important data I use the same method but then I do use the PI/PO test just to put my mind at ease :wink:

sound advice as usual GF :bow:

The different accuracy settings in Plextools Pro vary the scanning interval since every scan is carried out at 2x CLV … High accuracy scans every ECC block/range whereas good accuracy will skip every 2nd ECC block/range … low accuracy will scan every 4th ECC block/range.

It seems logical that Plextor multiplies the amount of errors reported during scanning with the divisor that defines the accuracy setting to obtain values of lower deviation for each scanning method to estimate the error values of ECC blocks/ranges that are being skipped.

IMO, every method below good accuracy will, in the worst case, fail to report single ECC blocks with PIF > 4 (although the probability of a single non-spec ECC block is quite low) … that’s why I carry out Sum-1 scans with high accuracy only.