Comparison 411S - 401S ? (data backup only)

Does someone have a comparison of the LDW 411S and the LDW 401S when writing to DVD+R/+RW? I know that the 401 does not do -R/-RW, but all I need is to backup my own files, so I don’t care for “-” (Verbatim “+” media costs the same as Verbatim “-” here). Does someone know:

  • Are the drives the same when dealing with DVD+R/DVD+RW?

  • (@ oc-freak) What is the quality of the drive(s) for DVD+RW? I’ve read the excellently detailled review of the 411S for R-media, but daily backups demand RW-media. If necessary, CD-RW instead of DVD+RW, although DVD+RW would be much preferred.

What I most care about is write quality; speed and other factors are relevant, but to a lesser degree.

Either drive will write excellent quality +RW, the Ricoh W-00 (2.4x) and W-01 (4x) are good choices. On +R they are also much the same, though the 401 may have a slight edge. This is due to firmware, as they are the same hardware, so updates can change everything.

I forgot to mention in my question: The quality of the firmware is relevant too. So if there is evidence that Lite-On may not support 401s firmware as much as 411s firmware, then please tell me; that would make the latter a better quality drive, even if mechanically identical. I only care about original and officially supported firmware.

Well both drives are more or less orphaned by the new 811, but the 401 is probably more so. If that’s a concern, go with the 411. the prices are much the same now.

Thanks for the info rdgrimes! And thanks for the speedy reply! :slight_smile:

Man I gotta tell ya… I have had the 401S for several months now and it is awesome. You name it and I have done it with this drive (CD rip, DVD rip, CD burn, DVD burn…you get the idea). As you see I am proud of this item.

take care

Is there any difference (quality-wise) between the Lite-On LDW 401s/411s and the 811s? The latter is about 30% more expensive here. I would not mind paying more for extra quality, but if it’s just the 8x then I don’t care so much because much of what I write will be DVD-RW and the 411s and 811s are equally fast there.